Cover Your Windows Easily

Come to us for window covering motorization services in the Quad Cities

The days of walking around your building and manually pulling the blinds are over. Great Plains Blind Factory can provide you with window covering motorization services, so you can close the blinds on all of your windows effortlessly.

With options for hardwired or battery-operated window covering motorization methods, we'll make sure you have the right system for your property. Call 888-315-5104 today to schedule your window blind motorization services in the Quad Cities.

3 advantages to hiring our company

3 advantages to hiring our company

It's no wonder why customers choose us as their window blind motorization crew. You'll appreciate that:

  • We fabricate the blinds ourselves and are extremely knowledgeable about the mechanisms involved
  • We can teach you how to use and maintain your system
  • We'll use approved batteries and motors for your installation to make sure you get the best results
Want to know more about the advantages of hiring us for your motorization project? Reach out to us today and we'll tell you more.